About the Project

About the project

Driven by the strength of the women and their views on the world, Sabina collects polyphony of expat and immigrant women’s voices talking about the notion of belonging to a place.

Women of different backgrounds, race, profession and age, are all sharing one common place, the place of looking for a place. In her investigation about the sense of belonging to a place, Sabina and 6 other female collaborators are taking you to the places from their motherlands, guiding you with their voices through the path of their subjectivity. Nature and urban landscapes reveal different meanings and levels of connection to a physical place.

In the second stage of inquiry the women visit their new found places of belonging in Nijmegen, and by doing so, they are creating a new, intimate map of Nijmegen by sharing their inner viewpoints about the locations, as if revealing their inner personal landscapes on top of the physical ones.

By visiting the projects webpage, you can travel with them to their homelands and you can go on a tour through Nijmegen. You can, as well, read short philosophical text on belonging written by Ph.D. Andrea Gammon.

This project is made during Social Aspects#7, during the residency with Derde Wal

And is a product of joined creativity and collaboration of following people:

Texts in the video’s written and narrated by
Juhanne Gietman, Sannimari Kaarmelathi, Zsuzsanna Kiss,

Tracey Frankevijle, Polona Kuzman, Maja Čuljak, Sabina Mikelić

Directing, camera and editing by
Sabina Mikelić

Music by
Zoran Majstorović

“Notes on belonging” written by
Andrea Gammon

Webpage “Looking for Her” designed by 
Mihaela Šobak & Andrija Šobak

Special thanks to:
Robbie Driessen, Jolijn Ceelen, Elfi Voermans, Jullius Thissen,
Emiel van der Pol, Isolde Venrooj, and big thank you to the nature- for being persistent
in existing, and to public space, which I appreciate even more since the lockdown.

The project was funded by Gemente Nijmegen, Provincie Gelderland and Mondriaan Funds